MicroFinanza Rating implements projects consisting in the rating, assessment or certification of several financial institutions with a shared goal. The goal of the project may be to:

  • Identify TA needs to strengthen the financial institutions of a certain investor / program portfolio. Examples: Regmifa project on social performance management in Africa (AFD, BIO, EIB, AECID, FMO, IFC, KfW, etc, 2015-2016), EIB project on institutional strengthening in Europe (Jasmene 2010-2013; EaSI 2015-ongoing), FAO project on agricultural lending in Zimbabwe (2016).
  • Develop a tailored rating methodology. Example: microfinance institutional rating methodology tailored to Chinese micro credit companies (MCC), supported by ADB (2014)
  • Evaluate and certify the financial institutions in a given portfolio. Examples: client protection certification of Finca International affiliates (2014-ongoing) and Opportunity International affiliates (2014-ongoing); Code of good conduct certification of European financial institutions in EIB portfolio (2016-ongoing).

The ratings, assessments or certifications can be accompanied by action plans to guide improvements. They can also be combined to specific technical assistance, provided in consortium with other organizations, to implement the improvements within the project.


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