Rating services

MicroFinanza Rating offers a range of rating products in response to the different characteristics of MFIs (level of development, institutional typology) and the information needs of the market.

The microfinance industry (MFIs, networks, investors, regulators and donors) recognizes our consolidated capacity to evaluate the institutional and social performances and risks of MFIs, by systematically requiring our rating services.

Financial Rating (FR)

It provides an opinion on the long-term sustainability and creditworthiness of a financial service provider (FSP) through a comprehensive assessment of risks, performance and market position. Clients may choose between a public (rating grade assigned and disclosed) or private (rating grade not assigned or not disclosed) rating.


Social rating

An assessment of the social performance of an MFI with focus on the MFIs ability to translate its mission into practice and to achieve social goals. Clients may choose between a Comprehensive (with focus group and client survey) or Standard Rating (MFI-level information).


Credit rating

An evaluation of the creditworthiness and solvency of the financial institution or MFI. MicroFinanza Rating is licensed to carry out credit ratings in Ecuador and Bolivia.


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