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MicroFinanza Rating announces Client Protection Standards 2.0

MicroFinanza Rating is happy to announce the updated certification standards for Client Protection. 

The revised standards streamline and enhance the previous version, to reflect the evolving financial inclusion of the industry. To be certified, a financial institution (FI) needs to comply with all the indicators corresponding to the 25 adequate standards of care for client protection, described in the document downloadable at the following link. The standards operationalize where the financial inclusion industry sets the bar in terms of the minimum level of behavior clients should expect from their financial service providers. 

Why get certified? Read more here!

MicroFinanza Rating at the 22nd Boulder Microfinance Training Programme

As part of the 22nd Boulder Microfinance Training Programme (July 18 - August 5, 2016 in Turin, Italy) Aldo Moauro MFR Director, and Evrim Kirimkan, MFR Latin America Regional Manager, will be holding the following courses in the English Programme:

  • Financial and Social Rating of Microfinance Institutions, (July 18-22) which aims at illustrating in detail the methodologies and processes adopted by specialized rating agencies when assessing Microfinance Institutions.
  • Financial and Social Performance Assessment: Understanding the Whole Picture (August 1-5) which focuses on how to evaluate and interpret the financial and social performance of a Microfinance Institution.Participants will be introduced to the main dimensions and indicators of financial and social performance evaluation, with a discussion on whether they are compatible with each other.

Both courses will combine presentations, participatory discussions and exercises. Best practices and practical cases will be discussed to improve the comprehension of each topic.

For additional information, click here.

Upcoming missions and events – Quarter 3, 2016

During the upcoming quarter, MFR’s team will be visiting the following countries: Cambodia, Zimbabwe, Ecuador, among others.

Moreover, we will be participating to the following events:


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Fundación Paraguaya is certified in Client Protection

MicroFinanza Rating, Client Protection Certifier licensed by the SMART Campaign, is glad to announce that Fundación Paraguaya has been certified in Client Protection, first in Paraguay.

Fundación Paraguaya has to meet all the standards needed to treat their clients with adequate care.

Fundación Paraguaya has long been a leader and innovator in microfinance and in the broader fight against poverty, contributing to areas like poverty assessment, financial inclusion for persons with disabilities, and youth empowerment.

Along with its strong client protection practices, Fundación Paraguaya offers a range of financial education services, including services to children and youth via uniquely structured, financially sustainable programs.

For more information on Fundación Paraguaya, read the article “Client Protection Firsts in Paraguay and the Dominican Republic” by the Smart Campaign.

MicroFinanza Rating at the 13th EMN Annual Conference, 16th-17th June, Warsaw


MicroFinanza Rating's Executive Director Aldo Moauro participated in the panel discussion on the Progress Review of the European Code of Good Conduct as guest speaker.

MicroFinanza Rating is the leader of the consortium in charge of the official evaluation of Compliance with the European Code of Good Conduct. The consortium led by MicroFinanza Rating was selected by the European Investment Bank (EIB) and EC DG Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion.

According to the new Employment and Social Innovation (EaSI) regulation, implementing the EU Code of Conduct has become a pre-condition for accessing EU funds under the EaSI Program: this workshop represented the chance to know more about the implementation and evaluation process of the initiative.

The aim of the European Microfinance Network (EMN) Conference, titled "Shaping European Microfinance: Who, What and for Whom?", was taking stock of what the sector understands by microfinance: what products and services does it include and whom are they addressed to? This definition would make it easier to distinguish between mainstream financial products and specific services addressed to the underserved. The conference took place in Warsaw, from the 16th to the 17th of June.

For more information, please visit the EMN webpage


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