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MicroFinanza Rating (MFR) is a private and independent international rating agency specialized in microfinance, founded in 2000.

Our vision is to operate in a transparent market as a highly qualified information provider in the field of microfinance and responsible investing.
Our mission is to provide the microfinance and responsible finance industry with independent, high quality ratings and information services, aiming at enhancing transparency, facilitating investments and promoting best practices worldwide.

MicroFinanza Rating is your best partner for rating and assessment, as we offer:

  • High professionalism: analyst driven ratings that combine an international team of professionals with broad experience, strong economic background and deep knowledge of the microfinance sector;
  • Largest experience: since 2001 MFR has carried out more than 1670 ratings and assessments in more than 100 countries;
  • Wide network of regional offices: offices located in 4 continents (Latin America, Central Asia, Sub-Saharan Africa and South-East Asia);
  • Customized services: the rating agency with a highly tailored approach thanks to the broad working experience in different regions and with a variety of MFIs;
  • Rating Committee Unit: ensuring independence and always chaired by experienced managers;
  • Social Rating Department: since 2006 MFR has a dedicated department for social rating.
    Twofold approach: 2 social rating products offered: standard and comprehensive (with client survey);
  • Well-founded credibility: the FIRST specialized rating agency to be licensed by a Supervisory Authority to carry out mandatory ratings (since 2007); since 2014, the ONLY specialized RA to be licensed in 2 countries (Ecuador and Bolivia). Over the time, MFR was accredited by 2 global rating funds (RF I) and initiatives (Rating Initiative), and a number of regional funds (e.g. Latin America RF II, Moroccan APP) and initiatives (e.g. European Jasmine Initiative);
  • Active partner of transparency and SPM initiatives: MFR is Board member of the African Microfinance Transparency and the Social Performance Task Force, and certifier licensed by the SMART Campaign and by Grameen Foundation.

MicroFinanza Rating has endorsed the Microfinance Rating Agencies Code of Conduct, committing itself to ensure and promote the integrity and quality of ratings of microfinance institutions.

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