MicroFinanza Rating srl started operating since year 2000 as a dedicated department of Microfinanza srl. In 2006 MicroFinanza Rating was incorporated as a Limited Liability Company, result of the spin-off from the mother company Microfinanza srl. Since 2009, MicroFinanza Rating is completely independent from Microfinanza srl also from the ownership point of view as two of the initial founders, Aldo Moauro and Mameli Biasin, sold their shares of Microfinanza srl and purchased 100% of the shares of MicroFinanza Rating from the other original shareholders.

The Management Team is led by Aldo Moauro, Executive Director, and includes: Financial Director, Operations Director, Technical Director, Social Rating Director and Chairperson of the Rating Committee.

All rating reports are issued by a Rating Committee Unit (RCU), including internal senior profiles. The RCU is supported by a Quality Control function. Methodology and product development is responsibility of an internal Technical Group. MicroFinanza Rating is the only rating agency with an internal dedicated Social Rating Department, with the aim to provide the best social rating service and contribute to the dissemination of Social Performance Management and Client Protection best practices.

MFR Organizational Chart

Organizational-chart Oct2017

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