Fundación Amanecer has been awarded the Truelift Achiever Milestone

MicroFinanza Rating announces that Fundación Amanecer is now recognized by Truelift as the Achiever Milestone.

An Achiever institution demonstrates that it meets expectations in all three areas of outreach, adapted services, and tracking of client progress. Its results show a significant positive impact on many of its clients’ lives. The institution has good performance and earns a minimum appropriate score in all three Pro-Poor Principles. It demonstrates its financial sustainability and strength, and sufficiently complies with the Universal Standards for Social Performance Management. An Achiever institution’s actions indicate quality pro-poor microfinance practice.

Fundación Amanecer was founded in 1994 by a group of oil companies that work in the Orinoquía region of Colombia. The organization’s mission is to contribute to increased human and economic productivity in the region by providing comprehensive training and promoting entrepreneurship. To that end the foundation provides microentrepreneurs with working capital loans, access to basic business education, and more specialized training in enterprise formation.

Find more on Fundación Amanecer here.


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Amanecer TrueliftCertificate Feb-2018


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