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The Client Outcome service provides indicators of the change in client lives using the data already collected by the financial institution and/or additional data collected through a client survey. The service is available as an add-on module to the social rating or as a stand-alone service.

Outcome = change in client lives that is plausibly attributable to the FI (different from impact).

Indicators: in the areas of income, assets, financial access, well-being, ability to cope with shocks, or other, depending on the availability of data and the mission of the FI or investor. The indicators used will be as aligned as possible to the SPTF harmonized menu of outcome indicators.

For whom: investors and financial institutions willing to gain a better understanding about the changes in clients’ life. Institutions may be willing to develop a change measurement system or improve the existing one.

Experience: analysis of the outcome measurement system and of the related data potential as part of more than 220 social ratings carried out in 50 Countries in the past 10 years. Design and implementation of client surveys in 90 social ratings to collect complementary data on revenue, poverty, socio-economic vulnerability, assets and financial exclusion. MicroFinanza Rating actively participates to the SPTF outcome working group (OWG)

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Report with client outcome indicators, analysis of the results, description of the methodology.


The client outcome service can be tailored to specific needs upon request (e.g. recommendations on how to improve the internal social outcome measurement system).

Client Outcome Example

This session is an extract from the Client Outcome service provided to the Financial Service Provider (FSP) UNRWA Microfinance Department (UNRWA MD), operating in West Bank and Gaza.

The Client Outcome module was combined with the Social Rating conducted in September 2017. A set of specific outcome indicators was identified together with UNRWA MD based on the mission with the aim to develop a solid framework to measure outcome.



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