Financial Rating (FR)


It provides an opinion on the long-term sustainability and creditworthiness of a financial service provider (FSP) through a comprehensive assessment of risks, performance and market position. Clients may choose between a public (rating grade assigned and disclosed) or private (rating grade not assigned or not disclosed) rating.


  • Clear picture of the financial performance of the FSP
  • Alignment to international standards
  • Compare to benchmarks and best practices
  • Message of transparency to stakeholders
  • Prove institutional and financial soundness to investors
  • Internal management systems and processes
  • Visibility and access to funding sources
/ Donors
  • Preliminary tool to know potential clients, facilitate a first off-site selection and contribute in making decisions on resources allocation
  • A second opinion
  • Focus on specific risk areas
  • Standardized information as a basis for monitoring the risk and performance of the investments


Our proprietary rating methodology

  • Has been designed and tailored to inclusive finance and has evolved along with the development of the sector to adapt the analysis to emerging risks.
  • Is widely recognized by investors, donors, regulators, and microfinance consultants.
  • Is relevant to all types of FSPs engaged in inclusive finance, irrespective of their legal status and size (including commercial banks).
  • Applies international standards and best practices and uses benchmarks to allow comparability.
  • Features a comprehensive and objective reporting including a risk factor table and a rating rational supporting the final grade and outlook. An executive summary and a rating certificate are also provided.
  • Focus on risk profile and performance, dimensions that are significantly interrelated.


Areas of analysis

  1. External context
  2. Governance and strategy
  3. Financial Profile – Profitability and Efficiency
  4. Financial Profile – Solvency and Assets and Liabilities Management
  5. Loan Portfolio Quality
  6. Systems and Controls

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