MFR at the 20th MFC Annual Conference, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina



The MFR team will participate in the 20th MFC Annual Conference during May 24-26 in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. MFR Regional Manager for Central Asia, Russia and the Caucasus Ulan Diushebaev will co-conduct a pre-conference workshop on responsible princing. The participants will explore the issue of responsible pricing, what the sector can do to achieve its goals, and what each individual microfinance institution can do to ensure transparent and fair pricing. Ulan will also be one of the speakers at a panel discussion entitled: "New markets and market segments for microfinance: frontier countries and EU." The conference will debate the case of large, unserved regions with high demand for microfinance: in traditional emerging markets (Russian North Caucasus), in frontier markets (Uzbekistan), and in developed markets (France, Greece).

Here the agenda for the 2017 MFC Conference.


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