Loan Portfolio Audit

MicroFinanza Rating's Loan Portolio Audit (LPA) provides a rapid yet rigorous analysis of the FI's loan portfolio. The audit process is carried out on a representative sample of loans and aims at:

• Assessing the alignment of credit operations implemented in the field with the existing credit policy and procedures;
• Provide accurate review of the credit policies and procedures manuals related to credit operations and debt collection;
• Assessing the reliability and evolution of portfolio quality and loan loss provisioning reported (according to international standards and to the local regulatory requirements);
• Provide insights into the management systems and the risk factors that could potentially impact loan portfolio quality of the FI in the future;
• Verify and assess the accuracy of the loan files and their consistency with the internal credit policy and the MIS (both loan tracking and accounting systems);
• Confirm the existence of clients through face-to-face meetings and phone calls.

The Loan Portolio Audit (LPA) is performed with a combination desk review (i.e. policy and procedure) and field visit to clients and FI's branches. The final report provides a clear overview of the FI portfolio quality and structure, in depth evaluation of the credit process and complete list of compliance gaps identified and related guidance remarks for improvement.
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