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Desde su fundación en 2000, MicroFinanza Rating tiene su Oficina Central en Milán – Italia. En esta oficina se da soporte a las operaciones a nivel global y se encuentra el personal a cargo de Europa (UE y países de Europa) y MENA (Oriente Medio y Norte de África).
El equipo de dirección, así como las funciones técnicas y de coordinación de la actividad global, tienen base en Milán.
PaísNuestros clientes en la región
Albania NOA (ex OA and PSHM), Besa Foundation, Rural Financial Fund, ASCU (ex RFF)
Bosnia and Herzegovina Partner, Mi-Bospo, Sinergija Plus, Mikro Aldi, Bosvita
Bulgaria Ustoi, Mikrofond, Nachala Cooperative, Maritsa Invest, SIS
Croatia Demos
Egypt ABA
FYR of Macedonia Moznosti, MEDF
Germany DAVW/ARTEL, Mozaik, KIZ, KMG, Pro Unicus, VS Finance, Objektiv Mickorfinanz AG, SMART OMF
Greece KEPA, Bank of Karditsa, Action Finance Initiative (AFI)
Italy Permicro, BCC Mediocrati, Fondazione Risorsa Donna, MAG Verona, ACAF Italia, EmilBanca, Prestiamoci, Fondazione Un Raggio di Luce
Jordan UNRWA Jordan
Kosovo AFK, KRK, KosInvest, BZMF, Finca Kosovo
Latvia Capitalia
Moldova RFC
Montenegro Opportunity Bank
Morocco AMSSF, FONDEP, Atil, Tamwil El Fellah, Attawfiq
Poland Darsa, LGCDE, Kujawsko Pomorski Loan Fund, TISE
Romania OMRO, FAER, Capa, Lam, Vitas (ex Express Finance), RomCom, AIPPSME, CAR Sanitar IFN, CAR CFR, Good.bee, CAR Sanatatea
Serbia MicroFins, Opportunity Bank Serbia
Syrian Arab Republic AKAM Syria Project
Spain CEEI Burgos, Seed Capital Bizkaia
United Kingdom Business Finance Solution, Manchester Credit Union, BCRS Business Loans (ex Black Country Reinvestment Society)
West Bank & Gaza UNRWA WB&Gaza, ASALA, Faten


"Vitas Romania has undertaken its first rating in 2010 by MicroFinanza Rating. The rating exercise gave us a chance to discuss and re-analyze in a structured and professional way the past changes and achievements as well as the challenges and opportunities for our development. We have repeated this exercise in 2012 with the same objective. The MicroFinanza Rating team has been instrumental in this process, professional and knowledgeable but most important understanding the local context and culture."
vitas romania
Cristian Jurma,
General Manager, Vitas Romania
"De la part de FONDEP Microcrédit, nous tenons à saluer le grand professionnalisme dont fait preuve l'équipe MicroFinanza Rating, qui nous a accompagné pour la réalisation de notre rating institutionnel et de notre rating social. Cet exercice de rating a été très utile pour notre Institution, dans notre démarche d'amélioration continue et de recherche de l'excellence, de la qualité et de l'efficacité professionnelle."
Nazha Hmamouche,
"Thank you for being extremely effective, knowledgeable and supporting during this entire exercise. We can honestly say that MicroFinanza Rating did not only evaluate our organization, but was also very open and helpful in giving useful expert advice and suggestions for improvements with regard to our social performance. This Social Rating of Opportunity Bank Serbia will significantly contribute to the achievement of our institutional mission."
opportunity serbia
Vladimir Vukotić,
President of the Executive Board, Opportunity Bank Serbia


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