IMG 7015 Joris Crisà
Regional Manager MENA
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Regional Manager for Middle East and North Africa since 2012, Joris has been in charge of the portfolio of clients and the relationship management with all stakeholders in the region.
Joris also sits in the Social Rating Committee and is Senior Analyst, involved in quality control and training of other analysts. Joris joined MFR in 2010 as Analyst and carried out +50 ratings, assessments and client protection certification, mainly in Africa, MENA and ECA regions, acquiring an extensive field experience as analyst and team leader. Before joining MFR, Joris was involved in different projects in the field of environmental impact assessments and social programs.
Previously, he collaborated with CMA Cambodia within the framework of a research study in the North-East of the country.
Joris holds a Master degree in Sustainable Development from Paris-Dauphine University (France) and in an MA in European Microfinance from the Solvay Brussels School of Economics and Management (Belgium). He is fluent in English and Italian and French native speaker.

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