Services for investors

In response to your needs and request MicroFinanza Rating developed the following services.

Subscription services

If you want to systematically access updated information on the microfinance industry while monitoring and managing your investment portfolio, the best option is to subscribe to our Country Bulletins and our newly issued Rating Reports that refelect current rating grades.

Country study

If you are planning to enter in a new country/market, the Country Study is your best option. It provides an in-depth analysis of a country's main legal, fiscal, institutional aspects related to the local microfinance sector and recognition of the most promising MFIs. Read the full list of MicroFinanza Rating's Country Study and request a quote, in case you are interested in a specific country.

Due diligence 

For specific investment decisions, MicroFinanza Rating provides you with a due-diligence/second opinion service with the possibility to carry out the exercise together with investor representatives.


Investors or networks desiring to monitor the microfinance institutions are the customers of the Monitoring service offered by MicroFinanza Rating. The service includes periodical (monthly, quarterly or bi-annual) reports with updated performance and risk analysis of the MFIs. The monitoring could be performed also with field visits to the institutions, organized through the network of regional offices of MicroFinanza Rating.


Microfinance Investment Vehicle (MIV) rating

The MIV rating provides an opinion on the MIV performance compared to relevant benchmarks, as well as on the MIV policy and systems adequacy to manage inclusive finance / impact funds and related risks. MicroFinanza Rating is licensed by MFX to conduct ratings of its partner MIVs, as its MIV rating methodology is approved by the US Government’s Overseas Private Investment Corporation (OPIC).


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