Institutional diagnostics


The Institutional Diagnostics provides a detailed analysis of the operations, internal policies and procedures compared to international best practices. The specific aim is to assess the level of development of the MFI and to identify the main internal weaknesses and areas of improvements, paying particular attention to the organizational and operating features.


√ Measure MFI's maturity level through the comparison with international best practices;
√ Demonstrate best practices and MFI's maturity level by area of analysis;
√ Improve MFI's management and operational system.

"In June 2016 a team of MicroFinanza Rating visited the Maritza Invest credit cooperative to make an institutional assessment of the organization. The assessment fully met the expectations of the cooperative management. What the management needed the most was just something like this assessment, which was done professionally and focused on the tasks that the institution had to improve in the future.For us, the management, this assessment is of great importance because it is based on a thorough analysis of our activities, including review of an impressive database size and documentation. Thanks to the high professionalism of the team the whole process went smoothly and very positively for all participants. For the management of the credit cooperative this visit was extremely useful because it helped us to better define the current weaknesses and showed how to overcome them."
Nikolay Draganov
Manager Strategic Planning Agricultural Credit Cooperative Maritza Invest, Bulgaria



The Institutional Diagnostics methodology includes a process-focused analysis which entails the identification of risks related to organization/policy's gaps. The whole analysis is done taking into account the overall maturity level and risk exposure of the institution, as well as the maturity and exposure of each area of diagnosis. The main features of the methodology are:

  • Medium-long term perspective;
  • Mainly qualitative analysis;
  • Focus on: governance & management, organization, operations, policies & procedures, systems;
  • Identification of maturity level by area of analysis;
  • Institution-level analysis, no client-level investigation;
  • Interviews with the management team and the operational staff;
  • Target users: developing & mature MFIs, donors & investors.

Areas of analysis

    1. Governance & management
    2. Strategy and Market Positioning
    3. HR & Organization
    4. Internal Control & Audit
    5. MIS & IT
    6. Credit policies & procedures
    7. Social Performance Management & Client Protection

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