Social rating

Social Rating integrates the Universal Standards of Social Performance Management (USSPM) and provides an external validation of the MFI implementation of the USSPM.
Social Rating reviews Client Protection and gives an indicator of the efforts required to achieve Client Protection Certification, helping to get ready for it.


The Social Rating provides an opinion on the capacity of an MFI to put its mission into practice and achieve social goals. Clients may choose between a Comprehensive (with focus group and client survey) or Standard Rating (MFI-level information).


  • MFIs social performance with international standards(Universal standards,annex 1);
  • Identify the strategic priorities
  • MFI's social results to the investors through an
    independent tool;
  • MFIs social performance management and put your
    mission into practice.
  • Focus on areas that require intervention
  • Facilitate enhanced social performance management systems
Investors/ Donors
  • Review social performance strengths and weaknesses of MFIs
  • Monitor the MFI social performance progress
  • A second opinion which helps to focus on specific RISK AREAS
    - During the investor due diligence;
    - After the investor due diligence to confirm or analyze in depth some relevant risk areas.
  • Standardized information as a basis for SPM
    monitoring and quality of investments
  • Allocate the resources according to social objectives
"In 2016, Friendship Bridge went through both an Institutional and Social Performance Rating with MicroFinanza Rating. We were very pleased with the process and outcome. Our objective was to receive an independent, professional assessment of our organization in order to learn our strengths and weaknesses, how we compare to our peers, and how we can improve our impact. MicroFinanza's approach was thorough, they treated our Staff and Board professionally and with respect, and their observations were thoughtful and well-informed of industry best-practices. Since completing the Ratings, we have utilized the results internally to set objectives for our 2017-2019 Strategic Plan and make improvements. We believe having these Ratings was worth the effort and that we are a better organization because of them. We would sincerely recommend MicroFinanza to others as a result."
Rebecca Cueto
Friendship Bridge's Treasury Manager, Guatemala
"Thank you for being extremely effective, knowledgeable and supporting during this entire exercise. We can honestly say that MicroFinanza Rating did not only evaluate our organization, but was also very open and helpful in giving useful expert advice and suggestions for improvements with regard to our social performance. This Social Rating of Opportunity Bank Serbia will significantly contribute to the achievement of our institutional mission."
opportunity serbia
Vladimir Vukotić
President of the Executive Board, Opportunity Bank Serbia



Our social rating methodology includes the following areas of analysis:

  1. Social-economic context
  2. Social Performance Management
  3. Client Protection, Social Responsibility
  4. Outreach
  5. Quality of the services

The social rating "comprehensive" has been so far the most requested of the two products, as it allows to base the analysis on highly qualitative and reliable information, directly collected by the MFI from the clients during the rating process. Following the process indicated and supervised by MicroFinanza Rating, the MFI also learns how to raise and report such information according to best international practices of social performance management.

The social rating "standard" bases the analysis on information already available at the MFI.

Contact our Social Rating Director Chiara Pescatori, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it to have additional information.

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