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Head of the Tender Unit
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As the Head of the Tender Unit since 2016, Sylvie is responsible for screening tender opportunities and coordinates the application process and the elaboration of proposals, in collaboration with the Regional Managers and the Business Development Department. Sylvie is also a Senior Analyst and carried out 90+ ratings, assessments and client protection certifications, acquiring an extensive field experience. She also supports the Quality Control Unit. Sylvie joined MFR in 2007 as an analyst and between 2010 and 2015, she served as Regional Manager for Africa, in charge of the relationship management with clients and all main stakeholders in the region as well as overseeing the operations of the Nairobi regional office. Sylvie holds an MSc in Economics and Management of Public Administration and International Organizations from Bocconi University (Italy) and a Postgraduate Master Degree in Development and International Cooperation (CID Bologna, Italy). She is Italian and French native speaker and fluent in English.

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