IMG 6140 Elisabetta Bertotti
Regional Manager South East Asia
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Regional Manager for South and South East Asia since 2013, Elisabetta is in charge of the relationship management with clients and all main stakeholders in the region. Elisabetta is also a Senior Analyst and carried out 50+ ratings, assessments and client protection certifications, acquiring an extensive field experience. Elisabetta is also in charge of the Quality Control Unit, reporting to the Chair of the Rating Committee Unit.

Before joining MFR regional office in the Philippines in 2010, she worked for several years in the international development field (monitoring, evaluation and project management) for both International Organizations and NGOs in Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, India, Italy and the Philippines. 

Elisabetta holds a Master Degree in International Development and Cooperation and is a Certified Expert in Microfinance from the Frankfurt School of Finance and Management. She is fluent in English and Italian (native).

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