DSC 2589 Ivan Sannino
Chairman of the Rating Committee Unit
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Ivan chairs MFR’s Rating Committee Unit since 2009, while also overseeing Quality Control activities.

Ivan is in charge of directly leading Rating Committees for Microfinance Institutional Ratings and Credit Ratings. As chair of the Credit Rating Committees on the regulated markets of Ecuador and Bolivia, Ivan is qualified by the Supervisory Bodies of those countries. As Team Leader on rating and assessment assignments, Ivan is also in charge of on and offsite training of Rating Analysts. He is also active member of the Technical Group and he sits in the Management Team. Ivan joined MFR in 2004 as Analyst, participating in +130 assignments worldwide.

Before joining MFR, Ivan worked for 5 years in Latin America in the economic development field, carrying out evaluations, technical reviews and consulting activities for microfinance, rural finance and the MSMEs sector.

Ivan holds an MSc in Economics from Bocconi University (Italy). He is fluent in English, Spanish, Portuguese and Italian (native).

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